Complete in Thee CD


Volume Discount Pricing:


We would love to see clean Acapella Christian music spread far throughout the United States, so we have priced our CD accordingly.
With the expense of recording and licensing, we aren't looking to make a profit, but instead to minister to as many people as we can reach.

This price includes shipping. If our sales exceed our recording costs, the excess will be given to missionary work.

Bulk orders of 10 or more CDs will come with a pre-applied barcode for easy inventory at your business.

If you prefer not to order online, please email your name, address, and payment information using our contact page.


Product Description

1. Still Still With Thee
2. He Still Came
3. Listen to our Hearts
4. How Deep the Father's Love
5. Thomas' Song
6. When Men Pray
7. Prayer of the Children
8. There is a Redeemer
9. Nearer My God to Thee
10. Complete in Thee
11. We Shall See Heaven Someday
12. Heavenly Music